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Crawler wetland bulldozer

The whole machine introduction:
TSY220H is a high horsepower wetland bulldozer with a national III stage engine, which is powerful and meets environmental protection requirements. This model has many innovative technologies such as drive shaft floating support, and has obvious technical advantages compared with similar models in the industry. The grounding area of the bulldozer is increased, the grounding ratio is low, and the wetland operation performance is superior to similar products in the same industry. The design adopts the patented technology of independent invention, and finally reduces the transmission “gradient tooth thick gear” to improve the smooth transmission. The final deceleration is designed to innovate, increase the floating support, reduce the half-axis deformation, and improve the final deceleration service life. The variable speed steering oil path safety valve is installed on the plane of the rear axle, which is convenient for installation and maintenance.


Model TSY220H
Engine Model QSNT-C235
Power Rating[kw/r/min] 175/1800
Fuel consumption rate[g/kw·h(g/ps·h)] ≤212
Maximum torque [N·m/r/min] 1085/1300
Bulldozer form Straight tilting shovel
Use mass(kg) 25700
Minimum turning radius(m) 4.1
Climbing capacity(degree) 30°
Forward speed(km/h) 3.6/6.5/11.2
Backward speed (km/h) 4.3/7.7/13.2
Track center distance(mm) 2250
Track ground length(mm) 3480
Track plate width (standard) (mm) 910
Grounding pressure (kpa) 39
Minimum ground clearance (to lower cowling) (mm) 515
Overall machine dimensions L×W×H (mm) 6060×4365×3402
Shovel shape size L×W(mm) 4365×1900
Cutting angle of bulldozer blade (゜) 55
Max. lifting height of shovel(mm)(from the ground) 1300
Maximum cutting depth of shovel blade(mm)(from the ground) 550
Maximum tilt of shovel blade (mm) (from the ground) 735
Track plate (number of one side) (section) 45
System pressure (Mpa) 13.7