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Intelligent Crushing Shear

The whole machine introduction:
The PS800 intelligent crushing shear is mainly used to cut waste pipes and cut the waste pipes into pieces of a certain width for reuse.
Mainly for the casting pipe with the specification of DN100~DN1200 and the material is QT420.

Main and Auxiliary Machine
Including: a set of gantry shears: main machine (shear head + silo), hydraulic system (fuel tank, hydraulic pump, control valve, cylinder, hydraulic motor, oil pipeline, etc.), electrical system.
It is mainly composed of four parts: fuel tank device, control valve block, motor pump unit and cooling cycle device. It is a hydraulic valve control system designed to meet the requirements of the main equipment. It is also linked with electrical control to realize electro-hydraulic control. The maximum working pressure of the system is 32 MPa for each action of the host.

Technical features:
When the transfer switch is adjusted to the automatic position, the device will automatically perform the cycle of pushing, pressing and shearing. When the pushing material is discharged to the end point, the last time the cutting is completed, the pressing material cutting cylinder will automatically return to the starting position. Start and stop, wait for the feed and press the auto start switch to perform the next cycle cut. Press and hold the start button to push the pusher row to the desired position. When the switch is released, the normal automatic cutting program can be entered. The parameters can be modified on the touch screen to set the cutting length. The console is equipped with an emergency stop button to stop the hydraulic cylinder at any time.

  • The A equipment is equipped with an automatic heating and cooling system. The operating platform has a display screen that can read the temperature of the hydraulic oil in the fuel tank at that time and has a heating and cooling power indicator for easy observation. When the temperature is too high or too low, The device will automatically switch to heating and cool down
    To ensure a good working temperature of the hydraulic oil.
  • The touch screen displays the operating status in real time and provides equipment maintenance and fault analysis.
  • Equipment comes with overpressure return function, that is, when the material is too large or too hard, the body body will be repeatedly cut (automatic judgment according to pressure feedback and proximity switch).
  • cutter and lower pressure cylinder adopt proximity switch for positioning, time and pressure auxiliary protection, push tube device adopts gear counting positioning mode or absolute value rotary encoder positioning (communication needs to be matched with selected PLC, limit position has proximity switch and cooperate Deadlock use