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Emergency Rescue Communication Command Vehicle

Emergency Rescue Communication Command Vehicle

The whole machine introduction:
Through the roof photoelectric comprehensive reconnaissance system, car night vision system, video conference system, multi-rotor UAV reconnaissance system, portable crawler unmanned vehicle reconnaissance and rescue system, etc., the reconnaissance and collection of disaster information is completed, and the scene image of the disaster area is obtained. Draw disasters and casualties at the disaster site; conduct command and dispatch to the site through wireless network erection communication, vehicle command communication system, etc.; timely transmit the disaster information to the command center through 3/4G communication equipment and satellite communication equipment; The radio realizes audio and image information transmission between vehicles and vehicles, vehicles and personnel, personnel and personnel, and can report vehicle and personnel position information to the communication command vehicle.
Structural features:
1. Equipped with digital / analog dual-frequency digital radio, can transmit voice, text, image information. Built-in GPS antenna, support APRS, AMS, digital group monitoring and other functions.
2. Equipped with a command and dispatch system, it can convert the call protocol between different networks such as mobile phones, walkie-talkies, and VoIP phones on the spot, and uniformly command and dispatch live voice communication.
3. The vehicle is equipped with multi-rotor remote control aircraft and remote control robot to expand the scope of reconnaissance.
4. The audio, image and video information obtained by the walkie-talkie, multi-rotor remote control aircraft, remote control robot roof photoelectric comprehensive reconnaissance system and car night vision system can be transmitted to the rear command center through satellite communication equipment.
5. The vehicle-mounted infrared driving assistance system can expand the driver’s field of vision and provide safety for rain, fog and night driving.
6. The vehicle wireless network forwarding device can provide wireless network access services for field devices.